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Senior Warden, Junior Warden


Lead the vestry, along with the rector,  in overseeing and managing the affairs of the parish

Vestry Contact:



<See Vestry Job Description>


Senior Warden

  • Fulfill all the duties of a vestry member as outlined in the Vestry Job Description
  • Exercise signature authority on behalf of the parish for checks, financial documents and legal documents
  • Act as an adviser to the rector and take an interest in the well-being of the rector and his or her family
  • Meet with rector and Junior Warden to plan:
    • Monthly vestry meetings
    • Yearly vestry retreat
  • In the absence of a rector, along with the Junior Warden:
    • Function as a communication link with the diocese
    • Convene and preside at the vestry meetings
    • Make provisions for Sunday worship
    • Take responsibility for the administration and maintenance of the congregation’s properties
    • Act as custodians of the congregation’s registers and records
  • Execute canonical responsibilities:
  • When the rector or priest-in-charge is absent or disabled and unable to give consent to another member of the clergy to officiate at worship services, one of the wardens is responsible for giving consent

Junior Warden

  • Share jointly in all of the responsibilities of the Senior Warden
  • Perform some additional logistical duties:
    • Manage and distribute the counter’s schedule
    • Keep the schedule of monthly vestry assignments (hosting, thank you notes, closing prayer)
    • Publish the vestry agenda in advance of the monthly vestry meeting


Monthly Hold vestry planning meeting (currently 2nd Wednesday of each month)
Jan Meet with Treasurer and Fincom to finalize budget
Meet with rector to plan the vestry retreat
November Review draft budget with Treasurer and Fincom


The Vestry Resource Guide Church office or from the Episcopal Church Foundation
All Saints’ Parish Bylaws Church Office
Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Church Office or Diocese
Canons of the Episcopal Church Church Office or Diocese

Useful Info:

The Junior and Senior Warden traditionally act as a team to lead the vestry in performing its duties. When one warden is absent, the remaining warden takes over full responsibility and signature authority. The wardens work closely with the rector and must strive to develop a trusting relationship with him or her.The wardens typically share responsibilities but there are some duties that are traditionally done by the junior warden at All saints’. These are:

  • Meet regularly with the rector to review the life of the parish, plan ahead, and solve problems
  • Support the rector in the performance of his or her duties. Encourage the rector to take corrective action if he or she is overworked or has health or family problems.
  • Provide leadership so the vestry can identify the vision, mission and goals of the congregation
  • Demonstrate a consistently positive attitude that seeks to solve problems, recognizes accomplishments and holds up those things that build community and furthers the mission of the Church
  • Be available to discuss any and all concerns with the rector, maintaining confidentiality as appropriate
  • Be available to discuss any and all concerns with members of the congregation
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are in place regarding employee and volunteer misconduct. Take any questions, concerns or complaints to the rector
  • Intervene promptly in the event that the rector is charged with misconduct or has drug or alcohol problems. Speak with the rector and the bishop about the situation.
  • Petition the bishop in writing on behalf of the vestry to intervene in cases where conflict imperils the pastoral relationship between the rector and the congregation.