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Worship Commission


Create transformative liturgy through planning, evaluation, experimentation.
Evaluate effectiveness of worship services and adjust to increase effectiveness.


Convener Maggie Marshall 978-251-1296
Member Bob Andrews 978-244-0163
Member Cina Barker 603-888-4243
Member David Shochat 978-290-0412
Member Debra Forsberg 978-486-3858
Member Mike Brodeur 978-649-8441
Member Sally Warren 978-256-2708



  • Convener schedules the next meeting during the current meeting, and informs
    the Parish Administrator so that the Parish calendar is updated.
  • Meetings are typically held on a liturgical season basis.


  • Attend the meetings with the commission members and Priest-in-Charge,
    sharing information as appropriate.
  • Actively participate in meetings, giving feedback to ideas presented.



  • Jan 15 – Submit report for Annual Report (if required)
  • Submit any budget requests for the following year.


Useful Info:

This commission is open to all who wish to share ideas about worship,
and those who are interested in liturgy. It is also an “umbrella” commission, and
includes the heads of music, acolytes, altar guild, lectors/litanists, and Priest-in-
Charge to insure that a high level of communication is maintained among those
who are responsible for all aspects of our weekly worship. This commission has been
meeting on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 5:30pm, beginning with a shared
meal and fellowship, followed by the meeting itself.