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Former RC’s at ASC

From Diane Olbert

Were you raised in the Roman Catholic church, but now find your spiritual journey has brought you to All Saints’? Do you have questions about the Episcopal Church? The service? The lingo? Would you just like to come and talk about the transition?

Questions? Contact Diane Olbert using the Contact Us page, selecting Former RCs from the “To be contacted” menu.

Call for Acolytes!

From Bob Andrews, Acolyte Master

Basic information is available on the Information for Acolytes page.

Our first meeting and training is scheduled for September 27 after the 10 AM service, so please join us then. In the meantime, if you’d like to get more information, please get in touch with me, Rev. Bill, or Maggie Marshall. You can use the Contact Us page, and select Acolyte Master, Priest in Charge, or Choir Director for “To be contacted”.

Welcome Back Everyone!

From the Parish Life Committeeparish_picnic

The Welcome Back cookout is being held on this Sunday, September 13th after the 10am service outside the Parish Hall, hosted by the Parish Life Committee. Hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers (plus all the fixings) and potato chips and beverages will be provided.

We welcome all side dishes from members of the congregation, i.e. salads, sides, and desserts. Bringing a dish to share is not required but if you feel so moved, please bring something from one of the above three categories.

Rain will move the cookout into the Parish Hall but will not cancel the event. We hope to see you all there – this is a fun event and it is great to see everyone after the long (not long enough in my opinion) summer!

June 7 Sunday Forum

A friend asks you: “I know you go to church, so could you please tell me what the good news is?” How would you answer that question? How does the New Testament answer it? Rev. Bill Bradbury will be using N. T. Wright’s new book Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good to help us answer our friend and encourage ourselves because of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Forum for May 31

It has been said that many Christians today are functional Unitarians in their understanding of God. When the doctrine of the Trinity is seen as only a pious and quaint abstraction then we lose the spinal cord of redemption — the incarnation of Jesus Christ. We also lose any meaningful understanding of the power of the sacraments. In this forum led by Rev. Bradbury, we will explore what a recovery of Trinitarian spirituality can mean for life and ministry.

Sunday Forum for May 17

Why do you think that Jesus taught in parables? Do parables induce you to ask new questions? Do parables too oft repeated lose their edge? Come and join the discussion this Sunday, led by Harry Taplin.

Easter Memorials

It’s time to request Easter memorials.lily

You may order an Easter lily or donate to the Episcopal Relief & Development Fund or the Endowment Fund.  These memorials are done in remembrance of loved ones whose names are listed in the Easter service bulletins. The suggested donation is $5.00 to $10 per name.

Order forms will be mailed to parishioners with an Easter letter from Bill this week. You may also find forms in the Narthex or using the link below. Please send your requests to the church office or drop them in the offering plate no later than April 1st.